New Single – Break The Chains

We are so happy to announce our new single, “Break The Chains” is out now. “Break The Chains” is the third single from our upcoming five-track EP ‘No Hope Without Love’.

You can listen to the single across all digital platforms by clicking HERE.

You can also buy a signed limited edition (Limited to 50) CD copy of the EP.

Break The Chains’ is the duo’s most socially aware/political song to date. Inspired by the protest songs of Dylan, Woody Guthrie and of course, our namesake “Bruce Springsteen”.

The song was written after seeing the news throughout 2020 onwards where allot of social topics such as racism, gender equality and human rights were brought to the fore. We were compelled to write this song as a reply to all of this and also as a way to make sense of it all. The song is a call to arms to every human on the planet to come together as one united human race, be kind to each other and put out the fires of hatred and discrimination before it’s too late and there is no way back for us.