New Single – Rebound

We are so pleased to announce the release of our brand new single “Rebound”.
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Rebound single cover
Rebound single cover

We are so happy to announce the release of our band new single “Rebound. The single is taken from our upcoming second album, which will be called ‘Moving On’.

We wanted to release Rebound as the first release from our new album for a number of reasons. Firstly, allot of people know us for poppy, happy go lucky type of songs based upon our previous singles. So we wanted to show that we are more than that, show a different side of ourselves that people may not know. Secondly, we also feel that Rebound kind of sums up our new sound and direction. There seems to be endless talk and argument of what is and is not County Music. Tireless arguments play out daily across the internet. So we knew coming into this album that we wanted to deliberately fuse ‘Modern Country’ with ‘Traditional Country’. Only recently we read a magazine article shouting off about modern country. In that magazine article one of the quotes was “Why have pedal steel guitar when you can have drum loops”. However, our response to this is…. what cant we have both?

So thats what we did fused modern elements like loops against traditional instruments such as pedal steel to create a unique sound.

The song itself is about a messy breakup, our inclination to look for love in the wrong place at the wrong time and how we deal with those feelings. We wanted to reflect the deep meanings of the song with a racey cover art.

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