Moving On

The Rising

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Country Pop, Country Rock
The Rising Moving On Album Cover

The Rising are pleased to announce the release of their band new album “Moving On”. Recorded in the band’s native hometown of Belfast, Northern Ireland at the bands own studio Renegade Studios and also PlethoraTone Studios, Nashville, TN (USA).

Moving On is very much as transitional album for the band for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is the first full-length release for the new version of the band after the bands debut release “Coming Home”. They have however released the Christmas Single “This Special Time Of Year” last December and also what was supposed to be the first single from this album “Last First Love”. But due to the many personal battles fought during the making of this record, “Last First Love” ended up being a stand-alone release to introduce the new version of the band. These personal battles resulted in massive delays to the album. One of these battles was guitarist Chris Logan being involved in a serious accident where he was hit by a bus. This resulted in many broken bones and the accident happened before any guitar parts were recorded. So the band had to wait many months until Chris was able to play again.

However, this downtime resulted in the band being able to grow musically because of the forced time off. This allowed the songs to be looked at it greater detail, reworked or simply dropped and replaced. The resulting album is very different to the one that was originally thought to be nearly finished. During this period we lost two band members. So a 5-piece band was scaled right back to the core three members.

It is for these reasons that the album is called Moving On. A reflection of what we went through as a band during the making of this record and the progression of our music.

The album was partly funded thanks to a successful PledgeMusic Campaign. Thanks to people’s generous donations we are able to release the album on physical formats such as a limited edition Vinyl.

The band has fully embraced a strong DIY ethos for this album. Previously they worked with major names in the Country Music world help to produce their music such as Grammy Nominated Mills Logan (Taylor Swift, Eric Pasley, Luke Bryan, Toby Keith, Kristian Bush) who mixed the bands last record. This time the band went into the project knowing they wanted to do things their way. So they dry hired studios and also worked in guitarist Chris Logan’s Renegade Recording Studios. Using the benefit of having a certified ProTools Operator in the band. The band also mixed the record. It was only at the mastering stage where an outside set of ears was brought in to give the record a final gloss. This was overseen by Pete Maher ((U2, The Rolling Stones, Katy Perry).

The band did however enlist additional musicians in the making of the record. These included Chris Brush (Drums), John McCullough (Piano/Hammond/Rhodes), Lauren Bird (Ukulele) and Tommy Detamore (Pedal Steel).