Christmas Brought You Here

The Rising

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Country Pop, Country Rock
The Rising Christmas Brought You Here

We are so excited to announce that we have released a Christmas EP. The EP features two original Christmas songs penned by the band called “Christmas Brought You Here” and “This Special Time O Year”. Plus a reworking of our favourite Christmas song Chris Rea’s ‘Driving Home For Christmas’. The two original songs display our love for the season as well as embracing the true meaning of the season.

So far the response has been positive with Lyric Magazine describing it as:

“There are surprising religious overtones in the imagery used in the lyrics and the narrative is firmly all about overcoming loss by finding faith in the conventions and traditions of Christmas. The real USP of the song though is the repeated refrain of ‘Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na hallelujah’ which is so infectious it should come with some sort of World Health Organisation warning and a hazmat suit!” – Lyric Magazine