Shadows On The Wall

We are pleased to announce that our brand new single “Shadows On The Wall” will be released on 8th May and it is available to pre-save now by clicking HERE:

However, we put together this trailer/short film to promote the single and help show you what the song is about. This is probably the darkest subject we have covered and as a result we have went with a darker and edgier sound to fit the subject matter. We really hope you enjoy this short film as we had lots of fun putting it together and it added another outlet for us being creative.

The song recounts the tale of a family secret, one that has been known about but been denied for years. The story recounts a tale of child abuse and how it is hidden within the family. The victim just remembers seeing the “Shadows On The Wall” that came to visit every night, haunting the victim like a demonic ghost. As the story moves on the character decides to go back and face the fear of going home and facing the demons of the past. But they find the courage to go back and they set about laying the past to rest with explosive measures. 

Probably, the darkest lyrics and subject the duo have tackled. But we felt it was important to let listeners see the deeper and darker side to us and our writing. To fit in with the theme of the song we explored a harder musical feel. With heavier guitars and a beefier production. One of the joys of this monthly single campaign is we are free to explore different sounds and musical ideas. Something that has been very liberating for us as a duo. As we can let the song itself take the lead, taking us wherever it wants to go.   

Proud to be DIY artists Chantelle and Chris recorded, produced and mixed the song themselves at their studio Renegade Studios. With Chantelle and Chris playing all the instruments on the track. Apart from the Drums, which were tracked by Session Drummer Chris Brush in Nashville, TN. The track was Mastered by Pete Maher (U2, Rolling Stones, The Killers, Snow Patrol and many more). 

The artwork for the single is a specially commissioned illustration (by artist Becvardoodles). The illustration is a hard hitting image capturing the literal meaning of the lyrics and how the abuser torments its victim. 

The rising shadows on the wall
The rising shadows on the wall

The single marks the third release for the band in 2020. The first of an ambitious monthly single release strategy. “Shadows On The Wall” will be released across all digital and streaming platforms on 8th May 2020, with pre-saves live now.